Frequently Asked Questions

How much storage space is available ?

The system is experimental so currently each user has a quota of 100 MiB.

Can I recover my data if I loose my password ?

Because the password is not stored on the server there is no way to recover your data.

How can I upload a file to the virtual machine ?

Click on the up arrow below the terminal. The file(s) will be copied to your home directory.

How can I export a file from the virtual machine ?

Use the export_file filename shell command.

How can I copy and paste data to the web terminal ?

To copy data, just select it with the mouse and use the "Copy" contextual menu (right click). To paste data, select the "Paste Here" area below the terminal and use the "Paste" contextual menu (right click).

Note: copy/paste of files is not supported.

When using the vfsync command line utility, which URL corresponds to my account ?

The URL is where user is your user name. To checkout your account to the my_home directory, type:
  vfsync -u user co my_home

Can I have a public account that other people can use ?

Yes. The URL is where user is your user name. You can use it to publish customized virtual machines. Anyone can read the files, but only you can modify them.

Can I access to the network from the virtual machine ?

Yes it is possible. It uses the websocket VPN offered by Benjamin Burns (see his blog). Please don't abuse the service.

In the desktop virtual machine it is also possible to configure the network access. See the riscvemu documentation.

Can I change the amount of RAM of the web virtual machine ? Can I change the size of the terminal ?

Yes. There are many options that can be selected just by adding parameters to the URL. For example:

How can I customize a virtual machine and reference it from my web site ?

Use the link: where user is your user name.

The guest user account is populated with the content of You can define a .profile shell script in order to execute commands when the VM starts.

How long are the data kept ?

Unused accounts may be deleted after 6 months of inactivity.